The Blue Bottle-  Written and illustrated by Gwen Petreman

(6-9 year olds) (18 Pages)

On curb rescue day Rose became very excited when she found a beautiful, blue bottle just perfect for her fresh flowers. As she is cleaning out the blue bottle her excitement soon turns to horror. A massive scaly monster towers in front of her. He informs Rose that he hates trees. He plans to transform all the forests into deserts by ripping out all the trees in the world. For his first job he plans to rip out all the trees in Rose's backyard. Rose who loves nature and especially trees is horrified. She explains to the monster the importance of trees to people and animals, but the monster is undeterred. He points out to Rose he does not care about other animals, but only cares about himself. After he has destroyed all the trees in Rose's backyard he plans to head to Brazil and destroy the Amazon rain forest. It is up to Rose to figure out how to stop this creature from turning the world into an uninhabitable desert.


Aesop's Fables

Rewritten by Gwen Petreman

Illustrated by Chris Stone

(6-9 year olds) (84 Pages)

Each fable has been rewritten at 3 different reading levels.

This book targets classroom teachers, homeschoolers, and primary students. The author chose 20 of Aesop’s fables that contain lessons that underscore the importance of engaging in appropriate behavior and developing desirable character traits.

Each fable was written at three different levels addressing the variety of individual differences found in all classrooms.

Teachers love this book! For the price of one book students have the opportunity to read 20 fables written at three different reading levels. Parents love this book too. Their children of different ages are able to read stories from one book. 


Enjoy this free preview of The Blue Heron from Aesop's Fables

The Blue Heron -Version 1 

Long, long ago in a faraway land lived a blue heron.

One day he was hungry.

He began to look for some fish to eat.

He began to look for fish in the river.

He saw a fish.

He looked at the fish.

He said, “A small fish like that is not good enough for a heron like me!”

Next, he saw another fish.

He cried, “I don’t even want to open my big beak for a small fish like that!”

Soon he saw a bigger fish.

He still wanted something bigger and better.

He let the third fish swim away too.

He waited and waited for a bigger fish to swim by.

He did not see another fish.

He waited the whole afternoon for a bigger fish!

He finally saw a tiny snail.

By this time he was very hungry.

He was now quite glad to eat the tiny snail!


The lesson: Never be too fussy or you may end up getting very little or nothing at all


The Blue Heron -Version 2 

Long, long ago in a faraway land lived a blue heron.

One day he was extremely hungry.

He decided that he wanted a huge fish to eat.

He began searching in the river for a big fish.

Soon he saw a fairly large fish.

He declared, “That fish might be fine for a kingfisher, but it is simply not fit for a heron like me!”

A little while later he spied another fish.

He cried, “I can’t even be bothered to open my beautiful beak for anything that teensy!”

Soon he noticed another fish that was even bigger than the other two.

He was still not satisfied and he let the third fish escape.

He waited patiently for a larger fish.

He waited the whole afternoon, but to avoid the blazing sun, the fish had disappeared into the cool depths. 

He finally found a teeny snail.

By this time he was starving!

Feeling quite foolish he greedily devoured the very tiny snail.


The lesson: Never be too fussy or you may end up getting very little or nothing at all.

The Blue Heron -Version 3

Many centuries ago, in a distant land, there lived a blue heron.

One day when he felt famished he decided to journey to a nearby river in search of a large, succulent fish.

When he arrived at the meandering river he immediately noticed a fish. 

He declared, “A handsome heron like me should not have to eat an insignificant little fish like that!”

A few minutes later he spied another fish.

He sneered, ”I can’t even be bothered wasting my time opening my beak for another undersized fish!”

Soon he spotted another fish that was larger than the other two.

He was still not satisfied with this ordinary fish and he let the third fish escape.

He waited the whole afternoon, but to avoid the blazing sun, all the fish had vanished into the cool depths of the river.  

After much searching he finally found a tiny snail.

By this time he was so hungry and weak he almost collapsed in the mud.

Feeling quite foolish he quickly devoured the teeny weensy snail.


The lesson: Never be too fussy or you may end up getting very little or nothing at all.


A Wish for Haidan  -Written and illustrated by Gwen Petreman
This book  targets 7 to 10 year olds. It's a spellbinding fairy tale that takes place in the kingdom of Kempenfelt. It also has a pertinent environmental message. (19 Pages)

Haidan lives with his aunt and cousin in the Kingdom of Kempenfelt. While his lazy cousin spends the whole day playing and having fun, Haidan labors over endless chores. Every day Haidan’s aunt orders him down to the lake to catch fish for supper. His aunt explodes with anger when she discovers that Haidan, feeling sorry for the fish, often releases his catch back into the lake.
On one particular day, Haidan’s aunt warns him, in no uncertain terms, that he better not come home from fishing without any fish! Haidan gets the surprise of his life when he catches a huge and striking fish that begins to talk to him.
The fish informs Haidan that she can grant him three wishes on one condition. He must bring the Ribbon of Life back to the lake. Haidan is puzzled as he has no idea what the fish is talking about. Meanwhile, Haidan’s lazy cousin overhears the fish’s conversation. His cousin immediately orders Haidan to make wishes that will benefit him and his mother. Haidan points out that he can’t make any wishes as he knows nothing about the Ribbon of Life. Haidan’s cousin tells him to go ask King William the Wise. Haidan’s decision to find out from the King of Kempenfelt about the Ribbon of Life, will bring astonishing changes in his life.

It's Halloween I'm Scared!
Written by Gwen Petreman 
Illustrated by Chris Stone 
(4-7 year olds ) (14 Pages)

 The spine-chilling creatures lurking on the pages of this pattern story create the perfect formula for a hair-raising Halloween!

Laura's Loose Tooth

Written by Michelle (Petreman) Nickel & Gwen Petreman  

Photography by Gwen Petreman 

4-7 year olds)  (14 Pages)

This charming story bursting with rhyme and rhythm is written in a pleasing singsong style and guarantees to capture the hearts of young and old. Laura's heartfelt letter to the Tooth Fairy contains an unusual request that leaves parents cheering.


A Weird Week-  (4-7 year olds)

Read the first page of this book -then stop!! Let your imagination soar.  Go on a wild and enchanted journey.  Talk! Draw! Write! Then, turn the page. Keep doing the same thing until you come to the last page.

In this book, real animals inhabiting our natural surroundings are magically transformed into strange and colorful creatures found only in the lively imagination of a young child.

16 Pages

Bryanna and her twin brother Ryan are very upset when they have to move to a condo after their parents' divorce.   One day in early spring they discover two eggs in Byanna's planter on their balcony. The twins are immediately captivated. They become quite worried when they discover neither the mother bird or father bird are bringing food for the babies. How will they survive?


Fascinating bird facts found at the end of the book will pique the curiosity of youngsters intrigued by world records of all kinds.

16 Pages

Caught by Rabroar cover image  back cover   14 Pages

   14 Pages

Mrs Chipley's cover image    21 Pages

Primary Teacher Poems cover  back cover  15 Pages

Back Cover

This soft and rythmic book will quiet the world and lull your child into a wondrous world of dreams. 
Gwen's unique illustrations, using gorgeous sunset colours and silhouettes top off this perfect bedtime story. 
 by Kim Sturge, Teacher-Librarian, Assikinack P.S., Barrie, ON.

My intention was to create a book that would reduce even a three year old into howls of laughter and at the same time contain 

content that would stir the imagination of 5 year olds, arouse the curiosity of 7 year olds, and stimulate higher levels of thinking 

in 9 year olds.  Acting upon the responses of my targeted audience, I revised the content accordingly.

I believe that I was successful in creating a book that can be enjoyed thoroughly by youngsters as young as three and provide hours 

of thought provoking and fun filled activities for youngsters from age 6 to 9.  A family with children of various ages would get a 

“big bang for their buck “with the purchase of Barnyard Shenanigans.

Gwen's books are available in schools that book her Meet the Author Presentations and on line at-